08h30 – 09h00

Registration of the participants and welcome coffee

09h00 – 09h45

The Industry 4.0 in Europe

EURADA welcomes the participants providing an overview of the final conference. DG RTD then sets the scenes highlighting opportunities and challenges of the Industry 4.0 for enterprises in Europe.



Keynote speech

Martin HUEMER, Senior Policy Officer, (DG RTD) Unit F.5, Industry 5.0

09h45 – 10h30       

Industry 4.0: The IN4WOOD experience

Leading universities, VET technology providers, enterprises, and experts successfully took up the Industry 4.0 challenge in the wood and furniture sectors. The IN4WOOD project shows how it was done in 4 steps.

Moderator: Gregorio CAÑAVATE, International R&D Project Manager, CETEM

Step 1: Conducting a need analysis

Irene BURRONI, Director, Centro Sperimentale del Mobile e dell’Arredamento

Step 2: Making a need-based training guide & a joint curriculum

María Victoria GÓMEZ, Researcher, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Step 3: Building an online training infrastructure

Ramon PÉREZSILVA, Developer, Pristalica


Step 4: Implementing the course

María Victoria BUENO DELGADO, Professor, Technical University of Cartagena

Step 5: Accreditation of innovative training

Jonathan LEDGER, Global TVET Specialist, Occupational Awards Ltd

10h30 – 11h00       

Coffee break


11h00 – 12h00

IN4WOOD project: How to help industries become future-proof

Successful entrepreneurs of the Wood and Furniture Industry, Food & Beverage Industry and Luxury Industry share their best practices in an effort to find solutions to common challenges imposed by the Industry 4.0.


Moderator: Stephen SLOAN, Information Communication Technology Consultant, Ionology

Dondu Unal HAKTAR, Head of HUGO BOSS Solutions, Izmir Operation HUGO BOSS

David LORENZO, Production Manager, Fama

Peter VAN HOECKE, CEO, Van Hoecke nv

Giulia DENTICE, CEO, Dall'Albero Srl

12h00 – 13h00       

From Industries To Policies: Excellent regional ecosystems on Industry 4.0

Based on the insights to the other industrial sectors, RDAs officers unveil the secrets of their success to best group up business and education key actors, and make regional ecosystems fit for the Industry 4.0 challenge.

Moderator: Uwe KIES, Secretary General of Innovawood, InnovaWood

Excellent examples of RDAs on food and beverage’s sector & I4.0

Luigi CAMPITELLI, Operations Director, Open Innovation Hubs – Lazio Innova

Excellent examples of RDAs on wood and furniture & I4.0

Christoph Matthias REISS-SCHMIDT, Head of International Projects, Business Upper Austria


13h00 – 14h00       

Networking Lunch


14h00 – 15h00       

European Social Fund and Horizon2020: Between Past and Future

DG EMPL and DG RTD officers give an overview of funding mechanisms and programmes at the crossroads of research, training, education, innovation, development to gear up the Industry 4.0 challenge. Afterwards, the state of play of the future Horizon Europe for 2021-2027 will be presented.

Moderator: Noelia CANTERO, Business Manager, European Association of Regional and Local Authorities for Lifelong Learning (EARLALL)

Joao SANTOS, Deputy HoU, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL), VET, Unit E.3, Apprenticeships and Adult Learning

Siv JACOBSEN, Policy Officer, Directorate General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD), Unit A.3, Horizon Strategic Planning & Programming

15h00 – 15h30

Coffee break

15h30 – 17h00    

Ideas, Networks, Projects on Industry 4.0

First, relevant calls are shortly described. Participants then express up to 3 topics for a project proposal and group up accordingly. The groups receive “Project Champions” facilitating the discussion aimed at preparing a project proposal for the next relevant calls.

Project Champions :

Andrea DI ANSELMO, Vice-President, META Group 

Francisco José MELERO, International R&D Project Manager, CETEM

Esteban PELAYO, Director, EURADA

17h00 – 17h30

Representatives covering research, training and industry draw the conclusion of the day moderated by a CoR officer. They delve into the question about what has been done and what still needs to be done to fully exploit benefits of I4.0 at sectoral and cross-sectoral level. Starting point is how the IN4WOOD experience can help industry, learning institutions and governments to address the future labour market needs.


Moderator: Representative European Committee of the Regions *TBC


Döndü Ünal HAKTAR, Head of HUGO BOSS Solutions, Izmir Operation HUGO BOSS

David LORENZO, Production Manager, Fama

Peter VAN HOECKE, CEO, Van Hoecke nv

Giulia DENTICE, CEO, Dall'Albero Srl

17h30 – 19h30

Networking reception