“The next generation of education and training in the wood and furniture sectors and why it matters for development agencies”


30 October 2019, Brussels



The final conference of the Erasmus+ IN4WOOD project pursues a clear mission: to take up the challenge of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) by gathering in one place entrepreneurs, researchers, technology experts and regional and EU officers. Attendees will gain an overview of how key industries – of the sectors Wood & furniture; Luxury; Food & beverage – can best modernise and innovate based on the IN4WOOD project results to get ready for changes imposed by emerging technologies. The successful experience of IN4WOOD for the wood and furniture sectors will pave the way for a wide discussion with inputs from representatives of HE/VET, companies and regional development agencies (RDAs).

This project’s main achievement has been to deliver on a key need: to provide the skills that industry needs to create an I4.0 proof workforce. This final conference also ensures that words are followed by deeds: Erasmus+ and Horizon2020 programmes are presented and “Project Champions” will facilitate participants to develop winning project ideas to get ready for I4.0. To conclude, participants will deal with the question about the impact of IN4WOOD not only on the wood and furniture sector but also on the luxury and food & beverage sectors. In fact, the example provided by this project through the development of a “virtual learning platforms dedicated to applied sciences of wood and furniture” can also help industry, learning institutions and governments to address the future labour market needs at large.


Entrepreneurs, researchers, lecturers, students, experts, cluster leaders, policy makers, regional, national and EU officers interested in sectoral and cross-sectoral I4.0-related strategies for various industries – especially the Wood & furniture industry; Luxury industry; Food & beverage industry.





This international conference will gather EU leading VET technology authorities and providers, technology consultancies, SMEs and experts of the wood and furniture sectors and RDAs, national and European institutions. The yearly turnover of both the wood sector and furniture sector amounts to over 200 billion EUR while the number of workers employed reach 2 million working in almost 400 000 enterprises. These impressive figures show how relevant these sectors are at EU level and explain why they matter for development agencies. The IN4WOOD final conference will not only promote excellent project results, it will also provide the basis for a discussion about challenges and opportunities of I4.0 for other sectors. Entrepreneurs of the Luxury industry and the Food & beverage Industry will also share best practices in developing and implementing solutions to common industrial challenges.

The last morning session will highlight how to best create cohesive business and education key actors, and make regional ecosystems fit for the I4.0 challenge. To this end, RDAs officers will unveil the secrets of their success and share relevant I4.0 related policies and programmes. A networking lunch will then help participants further exchange and engage in view of the session later on. The afternoon sessions will first focus on those EU funding programmes at the crossroads of research, training, education, innovation, development to gear up for the I4.0 challenge: Erasmus+ and Horizon2020. European Commission officers will also highlight the state of play of Horizon Europe for 2021-2027. Afterwards, participants will divide in groups and work on ideas for project proposals taking advantage of the invited networks. So called “Project Champions” will facilitate the exchange and at group level and help group members make the most of the group discussions building on their successful experiences as EU project managers. In the conclusive session one speaker for each sector – research, training, industry and RDA – will draw the conclusions of the day. The speakers will deal with the question about what has been done and what still needs to be done to fully exploit benefits of I4.0 at sectoral and cross-sectoral levels starting from the excellent project methodologies and results of IN4WOOD.

Check the Agenda for more information.

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